SG Test Cricket Thigh Pad


Brand: SG

  • Made from high quality light weight low density foam, pre-shaped in linen casing with premium quality material.
  • Elastic straps around waist and leg with hook and loop.
  • High quality elastic hook and loop straps.
  • Available for both right and left-handed batsmen.
  • Available in size adult, youth, junior, S. junior & XS. junior.


The thigh pad is typically worn on the front leg, providing coverage to the front of the thigh and extending down to the inner side of the knee. It is designed to protect the batsman from potential impacts caused by fast bowling or accidental contact.

The SG Test Cricket thigh pad features a combination of high-quality materials and thoughtful design elements. It typically consists of multiple layers, including a hard outer shell and inner foam padding. The hard shell is usually made of durable and impact-resistant materials, such as high-density plastic, to effectively disperse the force of incoming balls.

Inside the thigh pad, there is a layer of foam padding that offers additional shock absorption. This padding is designed to cushion the leg against impacts, reducing the risk of injuries such as bruising or fractures.

The thigh pad is secured to the leg using adjustable straps or Velcro closures. These allow the batsman to adjust the fit according to their preference, ensuring a secure and comfortable attachment without restricting movement.

The SG Test Cricket thigh pad is designed to provide ample protection while allowing the batsman to move freely and maintain agility. It is important to find the right size and fit for optimal performance and comfort.

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junior, Youth, Adult




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