SG Combo Ace Protector Cricket Batting Thigh Pad (Black)


Brand: SG


  1. Outer Shell: The thigh pad features a durable outer shell constructed from high-density plastic or reinforced polymers. This sturdy shell is designed to withstand the impact of fast bowling and accidental collisions, offering robust protection to the thigh area.
  2. Foam Padding: Inside the thigh pad, there is typically a layer of cushioning foam padding. This foam material is strategically placed to absorb and dissipate the force of impacts, reducing the risk of injuries. The foam padding provides a combination of comfort and shock absorption, ensuring a comfortable experience for the batsman.
  3. Extended Coverage: The SG Combo Ace Protector thigh pad may have extended side wings or additional protection for vulnerable areas such as the inner thigh or hip. These design elements enhance the overall coverage and provide extra protection against potential impacts from the ball or accidental collisions.

Additional information

Weight 1.448 kg

Junior, Youth, Adult




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