SG Test White Cricket Batting Legguard (Batting Pad)


Brand: SG

  • Premium quality imported polyurethane facing.
  • Cotton filled knee rolls with a layer of high density foam reinforcement.
  • Extra High-Density sponge filled vertical bolster with TPU insert for Knee protection.
  • Extra high- density foam filled in side wings.
  • Imported PU instep with hand-wearing piping.
  • Extra butterfly straps for the right fit.
  • Comes with padded strap & added protection on top hat.
  • Available in sizes Adult, S.Adult,Youth & Junior


  1. Protection: The SG Test White Cricket Batting Legguard is designed to provide comprehensive protection to the legs of the batsman. It typically features thick padding and protective plates to absorb the impact of the ball and minimize the risk of injuries.
  2. Comfort and Fit: These legguards are made from high-quality materials that prioritize comfort and flexibility. They are designed to provide a comfortable fit and allow for ease of movement during batting.
  3. Coverage: The SG Test White Cricket Batting Legguard offers extensive coverage for the front and sides of the leg, extending from the knee down to the ankle. It aims to protect the vulnerable areas of the leg from the impact of fast bowlers and potential dangers on the field.
  4. Straps and Fastenings: Batting pads usually have adjustable straps or fastenings that secure the legguard in place. The SG Test White Cricket Batting Legguard typically incorporates these adjustable straps, allowing players to achieve a personalized fit and prevent the legguards from slipping or moving during play.
  5. White Color Design: The SG Test White Cricket Batting Legguard features a traditional white color, which is the standard color for cricket equipment. The white color adds a classic and professional look to the player’s gear.

Additional information

Weight 7.998 kg

Youth, Adult, Junior




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