SG Profile Cricket Batting Abdo Guard


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The SG Profile cricket batting abdo guard typically features a hard outer shell made of high-density plastic or reinforced polymers. This outer shell is designed to absorb and distribute the impact of fast bowling deliveries or accidental contact, providing reliable protection to the lower abdominal region.

Inside the abdo guard, there is usually a layer of cushioning foam padding. This foam padding is designed to offer comfort and additional shock absorption, minimizing the impact of the ball and reducing the risk of injury to the lower abdominal area.

The abdo guard is designed to be worn by placing it securely in the front of the underwear or jockstrap. It is important to ensure a proper fit and positioning for optimal protection and comfort.

The SG Profile cricket batting abdo guard is typically lightweight and contoured to allow for natural movement and flexibility during batting. It should not restrict the batsman’s range of motion or hinder their batting technique.

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