SG Tournament Red Cricket Leather Ball (Pack of 6)


Brand: SG

  • The Tournament is a premium quality four-piece ball made from superior quality alum tanned leather chosen from the top grade hide.
  • Water-proofed
  • Solid one piece core made from premium grade 1 rubberised cork.
  • Good abrasion resistance and excellent shape retention.


  1. Superior Leather Construction: The SG Tournament Cricket Leather Ball is constructed using the finest quality leather, carefully selected for its durability, responsiveness, and excellent grip. The premium leather exterior ensures optimal performance, allowing bowlers to generate maximum swing and spin while providing batsmen with a true and consistent bounce.
  2. Hand Stitched by Master Craftsmen: Each ball is hand-stitched by skilled craftsmen who possess years of experience in the art of ball-making. The precise and tight stitching ensures enhanced seam strength, maintaining the ball’s shape and integrity even during intense gameplay.
  3. Five-Piece Construction: The ball is expertly crafted using a five-piece construction, consisting of a high-density cork core surrounded by multiple layers of premium-quality winding. This unique construction enhances the ball’s durability, bounce, and overall performance, making it ideal for the demands of professional cricket.
  4. Red Color: The SG Tournament Cricket Leather Ball features a vibrant red color, which is the traditional choice for international and high-level cricket matches. The red color ensures excellent visibility for players, allowing them to track the ball accurately and make swift decisions on the field.
  5. Preferred Choice for Tournaments: The SG Tournament Cricket Leather Ball is the preferred choice for prestigious cricket tournaments around the world. It is designed to meet the rigorous demands of competitive play, providing players with an exceptional cricketing experience.

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Weight 1.2 kg


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