SG Test Red Cricket Leather Ball (Pack of 2)


Brand: SG

  • Test is the most superior quality conventional cricket ball in the range. Specially formulated pre-shaped  compressed cork and fine rubber center, pure new wool, natural cork layer and fine leather combine for best performance. Super strict quality control of material and construction provides superior shape retention and true seam.
  • Water-proofed
  • High abrasion resistance and excellent shape retention.
  • Solid one piece core made from premium grade 1 rubberised cork.


  1. Finest Leather Construction: The SG Test Red Cricket Leather Ball is meticulously crafted from the highest-grade leather, carefully selected for its exceptional quality, durability, and superior performance. The top-quality leather outer surface ensures excellent grip, consistent bounce, and enhanced seam control.
  2. Hand Stitched by Master Craftsmen: Each ball undergoes meticulous hand stitching by skilled craftsmen with years of experience. The precise stitching enhances the ball’s aerodynamics, maintaining its shape and durability even under the most demanding playing conditions.
  3. Five-Piece Construction: The ball is engineered using a five-piece construction, consisting of a premium cork core surrounded by multiple layers of tightly wound string. This construction ensures optimal hardness, resilience, and exceptional performance, making it ideal for Test matches.
  4. Traditional Red Color: The SG Test Red Cricket Leather Ball is designed in the traditional red color, which is synonymous with Test cricket. The vibrant red hue ensures excellent visibility for players, allowing for accurate tracking and decision-making on the field.
  5. Preferred Choice for Test Matches: The SG Test Red Cricket Leather Ball is the preferred choice for Test matches worldwide. It meets the stringent requirements set for the longest format of the game, providing cricketers with a true and challenging playing experience.

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