SG Club White Cricket Leather Ball (Pack of 6)


Brand: SG

The Club White is a high quality four-piece white cricket ball made from high quality alum tanned leather. The Club White is ideally suited for club and school matches.
Solid one piece grade 2 core


Premium Leather Construction: The SG Club White Cricket Leather Ball is expertly crafted from top-grade leather, ensuring outstanding performance, exceptional grip, and enhanced seam control. The high-quality leather exterior guarantees optimal durability and a consistent feel throughout its lifespan.

Hand Stitched: Each ball undergoes meticulous hand stitching by skilled craftsmen, ensuring superior seam strength and durability. The precise stitching enhances the ball’s aerodynamics, maintaining its shape and providing excellent swing and spin capabilities.

Four-Piece Construction: The ball is engineered using a four-piece construction, consisting of a central cork core surrounded by layers of tightly wound string. This construction offers a perfect balance of hardness and resilience, delivering optimal bounce and control during gameplay.

White Color: The SG Club White Cricket Leather Ball comes in a classic white color, meeting the requirements of various formats of the game, including limited-overs and day/night matches. The white color ensures excellent visibility for players under different lighting conditions.

Ideal for Club Cricket: The SG Club White Cricket Leather Ball is specifically designed for club-level cricket matches and training sessions. It complies with the standards set for competitive play, providing players with an authentic cricketing experience.

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Weight 1.2 kg


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